I would like to welcome you to visit Megadeth.

Gramedis is continuously challenging to open the future of new healthcare which leads the fourth industrial revolution based on life science technologies.
In the globalization and information age and facing infinite borderless competitions, based on 30 years of research and development experiences, our company established a corporate value through continuous challenge spirit, technology innovation, and communication with customers and are putting efforts in R&D of healthcare and medical devices to realize management philosophy and improve the quality of healthy lives. These are the results of our customers’ constant concerns and loves and we will try our best for management philosophy that puts beautiful health and happiness at the top priority.

Thank you.

CEO Hwang Hyung Bae

Corporate Philosophy

“Company which leads the beauty and health of humanity”
We promise to run this company with the management that considers customers as the top priority based on new R&D technology and quality management.


Provide our customers with sustainable value by the best talented people and advanced technology