It is a weakly acid hydrogen beauty mist, which can be applied to face, hair, body with ease, soothe dry and exhausted skin, and care pH5.5, which is the basic condition for healthy skin, by moisturizing, soothing, pH balance maintenance, aroma, and antibacterial functions. It works by water going through filters consisting of an ion exchange resin, an aroma ball, a hydrogen ball, a composite catalytic ceramic ball, and a chlorine removal ball and water particles generating small hydrogen water, removing residual chlorine in the water, and generating weakly acid water (pH4.5±1.0), which does not irritate skin.

5 characteristics of BEAUTAMIN SU

  • Originality Patented product which generates weakly acid beauty mist containing hydrogen with filter methods
  • Practicality Wherever and whenever tap water and purified water exists, one can generate weakly acid mist
  • Economic feasibility It can be used for longer than 10 months when sprayed 40 times a day, which is very economical compared with other general mist products
  • Convenience Everyone regardless of their sexes and ages can carry the mist everywhere and apply it to their face, body, and hair.
  • Safety The Korea Testing & Research Institute verified the safety of the mist through skin irritation test, eye mucous membrane test, skin sensitization test, antibacterial test, fungus test, and deodorization test

BEAUTAMIN SU benefits and effects

  • Those who are worried about skin trouble
  • Those who get red by sunlight and ultraviolet rays
  • Those who want to calm vulnerable skin
  • Those whose skin lacks moisture due to seasonal changes
  • Those who want to calm the skin which became vulnerable to external stress in a short time
  • Those whose skin is often dry and flaky
  • Those who want their stressed skin to feel moisturized
  • Those who has water-oil imbalance due to excessive sebum secretion
  • Those whose makeup gets flaky or does not stick to face
  • Those whose skin gets dry and itches
  • Those who need to inhibit melanin production (supply water-soluble vitamin C)
  • Those who need quick cosmetics absorption
  • Those who need pH5.5 balance when using face pack

BEAUTAMIN SU has excellent pH balance adjustment for healthy skins and moisturizing effect.

Awards and certifications

The 36th Korea Invention Day Industrial Medal

The 36th Korea Invention Day Industrial Medal