For severe patients and dementia patients Smart diaper sensor

In the era of aging, the market for diapers, which urine incontinence, urination, dementia, and intensive care patients use, keeps growing with annual growth rate over 18%. Especially severe patients experience serious side-effects due to bedsores and the death rate increases due to secondary infections. Thus many people are suffering from agony and large medical costs when they don’t change diapers at a right time. Smart diaper sensor alarms when patients urinate or defecate and prevent rash/eczema/bedsores and secondary infection diseases by changing diapers at a right time.

For babies and children Smart diaper sensor

-When babies and children urinate or defecate, the sensor categorizes them and informs caregiver by smart apps.
-Prevent eczema, rash, and secondary infections for infants.
-Can maintain health by user data management.
-Reduce medical costs by preventing eczema and rashes in advance (reduced medical expenses of National Health Care Public Corporation)

Awards and certifications

The 36th Korea Invention Day Industrial Medal

The 36th Korea Invention Day Industrial Medal