Product features

-Diaphragm Polymer electrolyte membrane method.
-Highly pure and highly concentrated hydrogen generation.
-Separate hydrogen and oxygen completely.
-Can generate hydrogen water with water bottle for drinking (2 in 1).
-Rich in minerals due to germanium composite filter.
-Maintaining dissolved hydrogen for a long time.
-Uses Tritan, which has no environmental hormone, for the main body.
-Does not generate ozone.

Application cases


Drowsy driving

Health care


Mountain climbing



Before and after drinking

Active oxygen is the hidden cause of aging and disease!

Why hydrogen water is essential to you?

Hydrogen water removes “active oxygen” which oxidizes our body, degenerates the immune system, thereby inducing various diseases, preventing cell regeneration, and speeding up aging.

Hydrogen’s ability to remove active oxygen

Hydrogen water sulfation level research results conducted by Saitama University in Japan
  • – No Sent
  • – No Smell
  • – Color Free
  • – Caffeine Free
  • 2L per day, when drinking hydrogen water
  • 1032 apples
  • 7.4 pumpkin
  • 76 carrots
  • 90 bunches of spinach
  • 1512 bananas

SOURCE | Saitama University in Japan

Awards and certifications

The 36th Korea Invention Day Industrial Medal

The 36th Korea Invention Day Industrial Medal